Banking on the Tortoise

By admin • Starting Up • 4 Apr 2012

We’re on a road trip to fill in the app with a few examples in each town -so that when people eventually turn it on, the have something to do (and will instantly see how to do better).

Here’s the plan:

But it’s slow going. Our RV is fabulous for a number of reasons (able to park downtown, relatively good gas mileage) but speed is not one of them. We even feel the need to turn on our hazard lights as we climb hills so the semis don’t rear-end us.

Between that and taking playground breaks for the 4 year old, I don’t imagine any competitors are shaking in their shoes.

So when the periodic impatience and/or panic crops up with me, I remind myself to simply keep focused on building ventures that I’d want to go on. And that we’re finding all sorts of cool stuff and interesting people that we wouldn’t find if we were sitting at a desk.

And when all that fails, I reach for that one last comforting thought: at least it’s a tax write-off.

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