Use CarpeVia as a travel app to add a level of discovery and adventure.

Simply arrive in a new town, and then choose one of the tours, and then go where it takes you –like Amazing Race without the time-crunch or the TV cameras.

Or use it to experience a guided tour by a trusted friend.

Have you ever landed in a new place and been met by a friend who takes you under their wing to show you their city?  Not just giving you a list of places and sending you on your way but personally taking you to breakfast at their favorite place, introducing you to the owner of the café, suggesting a dish to try and making sure you get to the next place before the crowds start… CarpeVia could never replace that.  But if that same friend had to work the day you arrived, they could put all that info into a special CarpeVia tour for you.  It could take you through the city step-by-step, pointing out all the little things they love about the place along the way. You could even have their re-recorded voice in your ear telling you to be sure to tip extra if the waiter with the tattoo happens to serve you.

Several cities are also using CarpeVia to make their historic & art tours more interesting by adding photos, interviews, music, and video to locations.  Or by using the step-by-step reveal to add a story arc.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, there are even tours that span across several towns, states, or countries.