CarpeVia takes an ordinary date and gives it a dash of the unexpected.

Simply choose a companion, then open up the app and pick from the list of date choices, and then follow what it tells you to do.

We promise, you won’t end up doing anything dangerous or unsavory. But you will end up doing something you couldn’t have guessed you’d do.

It may take you a cozy cafe, give you a question to answer, make you order a new wine you’ve never tried or lead you out a side doorway to see a splash of graffiti you hadn’t noticed before.  Each step is a surprise for both of you.

Types of dates include:

  • Just-Friends, Date Nights, First Dates, or “Third” Dates (where you are asked the tough questions to see if it’s going to get serious)

  • Free to Expensive

  • Day or Night

  • 15 minutes or Hours

  • Country or Urban

  • In your old familiar town or in a new city while on vacation

“It’s like a geographical blind date. All you know is where to start.” –Jeff R.