What is CarpeVia?

There isn’t anything else out there exactly like this.

CarpeVia is an iPhone app that takes you on a mystery tour or date where you won’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing until the last minute. Destination and activities are revealed moment-by-moment.

Use our creator to make your own or use the player to take one of ours (or one that your friend made).

It’s part of a growing number of apps that create discovery and surprise.

CarpeVia lets you take things step-by-step. And by simply adding this bit of order, magical things happen.

  • A static list of ‘things to see’ becomes a journey through a new city with a beginning, middle & end

  • A dry historical tour turns into a story that weaves through time

  • A standard date-night suddenly has spark

  • An average park becomes a game

It’s what we call the power of “And Then”.

In a time when we can so easily skip to the end of the story, when pictures develop instantly, and when answers are a mere search-bar away, it’s easy to miss out on the beauty of the reveal.

CarpeVia invites you to take it one moment at a time.

To embrace the unknown.

To taste the ache of anticipation.

To know the joy of patience and effort.

And to experience the thrill of mystery.

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