CarpeVia also gives you an easy way to play social interactive games like scavenger hunts, treasure hunts or batchlorette party dares at the bar.


You can set up a team-against-team challenge to find as many things from a list as they can -like a business card with a picture of an animal, a dollar bill with the number 11 in the id, or a phone number on a napkin.

Or send a group of kids on a spontaneous hunt for clues in the park -without having to hide things or search for a pen and paper.  Choose from a large library of clues or make your own. [Click here for the clue-making tool.]

Or organize a cross-town race with friends where they need to solve puzzles, perform challenges, and take photos for proof with only $5 and a pack of gum to help.

Hints, puzzles and clues can include text, photos, audio or video.