By admin • Starting Up • 12 Feb 2012

So we hit the road again on March 15th. Which means we’re scrambling here to get everything done in time including ironing out the bugs in the technology, adding in the great info we got from the California trip, beta testing and changing the oil in the RV. Oh yeah, and launching the app.

My word for the next month, therefore, is “rollerskate”








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  1. Suzi Conklin

    Like Jack, John, and other travelers before you, you are leaving footprints in history. Your joy, sense of adventure, keeping of promises to each other and anything but cramped lifestyle (shall we call it a “c [K}amped lifestyle”? ) will take you to the “oh the places we will go”, and the rest of us with you.

    Have the time of your life and remember us, here, waiting…………..

    Roll on!

    Typed slowly with a partially pruned finger. But, the tree looks great. Suzi

  2. admin

    Thanks! And our fingers are crossed that the heater in the RV gets fixed before that first Spring night when we’re still making our way through the state of Oregon!

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